Event Types

You name it - if you can think of an event, we've likely painted at one of those.

  • "learn to face paint" parties
  • farmers' markets
  • fund raisers
  • Halloween makeup / gore FX
  • holiday theme parties
  • full body painting / adult events
  • baby showers - preggo belly art
  • traditional henna and no-stain henna

I'm organizing a festival. Can you set up your booth and paint for us?

Absolutely! Please email or call us at 719.499.5652.


Can you paint for free at my church event?

The expenses involved in professional face and body painting might surprise you. The products, insurance, travel, tents, furniture, signage, marketing and art education costs are substantial. For that reason we are not able to paint for free at any event. We are delighted to donate a portion of our proceeds for select charity or fund raising events. Another alternative is to get a local business to sponsor the face painting for your event. Please email or call us at 719.499.5652.


Want all the tedious details?

Download our contract.