FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How much time should I book?

A good rule of thumb when estimating how much time you need is 5 minutes per face painting. Due to the delightful imagination of children, a 100% accurate estimate is hard. A purple-sparkle-princess-unicorn is going to take longer to paint than some stars. Please book enough time so that we don't have to disappoint your guests. Overtime is by the half hour. NEW - Check out our budget friendly options!

Why should we choose you?
  • Imagine it's years from now and you're looking through your children's photos. Do you really want to see your child's face wearing a tragic lack of talent? Photos last forever. It's not worth saving ten bucks.
  • We have been doing this forever and that's why we can offer both speed and quality. What's the point of hiring an amateur at a cheaper hourly rate that takes longer? It could end up costing more.
  • We attend professional training conventions such as FABIAC. We are taught by amazing face and body painting artists such as Dutch Bihary, Pashur, Nick Wolfe, Mark Reid, Heather Green, and many more.
  • We are insured.
  • Have you seen our gallery of art? We are real artists.
  • We are always using the highest quality products and follow safety standards. Don't settle for less.
  • We are trusted by the Broadmoor, Cheyenne Mountain Resort, T-Mobil, Villa Sport, Whole Foods and many more.
  • See what our happy clients have to say about us.
When and how do I pay?

Cash or check: Please pay when we arrive.
Credit Cards: 3 days in advance via phone or PayPal. We are happy to send you an invoice for convenience.

Do you do festivals, corporate, military?
If you can think of a type of event, we've probably done it.
  • birthday parties
  • festivals and renaissance fairs
  • corporate events / employee parties
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
  • grand openings
  • prom after-parties
  • full body painting / adult night club events
  • baby showers: prenatal belly paintings
  • Military events and parties
  • Halloween makeup, prosthetics and gore FX
  • "learn to face paint" workshop parties
  • farmers' markets
  • fund raisers
  • family reunions
  • holiday theme parties


Do I have to pay for your set up and tear down time?
No, we get there early enough to be ready to start right when your booking begins. Please feel free to forget about us when we're done. We can tear down and let ourselves out while you are cutting the cake.
You couldn't start painting at the contracted time because my guests arrived really late. Can I just pay for the time you were painting?
Sorry that happened. We book events back to back and we have to go by what is written on the contract unless you can pay overtime. Additionally, we turn down events if someone calls and asks about the time slot during which you hired us. We must stick with the start and end time on the contract. Anything outside that range is charged at half hour increments. Hopefully your artist doesn't have an event after yours and can stay to paint later in overtime.
Do you book face painting parties outside Colorado Springs?

We serve the entire Front Range. If you are more than a 30 minute drive outside Colorado Springs, there will be a trip charge. It's usually a flat $30 fee but please call or email for a quote.

My niece paints faces. Can she help out using your paint?
Sorry but our insurance doesn't allow this kind of arrangement. You could always book and extra half hour of painting - it's usually just $40. You might also consider having one of your guests be a line manager for large events.
Do you bring everything or do we need to set up tables and chairs for you?
That's up to you. If you would like us to bring a table and chairs, we can do that. If you're tight on space, you can have us set up in a place that works best for you. Discuss your needs when you book the event.
Is face paint safe for skin?

Yes! Have you ever wondered why liquid cosmetics such as foundation never mold... even after sitting in a drawer for years? Cosmetics contain antimicrobial preservatives. These keep bacteria from growing in water based paints (and cosmetics in general) while being gentle and safe. Our brushes and sponges are cleaned regularly with antibacterial soap. Your child has a greater chance of catching a virus while waiting in line than from having their face painted. Additionally at the artist's discretion, we won't paint skin with any kind of condition such as conjunctivitis, cuts, sunburn, or other rash.

As far as allergies, if you have sensitive skin please request a patch test prior to being painted. I have been painting since '09 and nobody has ever complained of a reaction. These products are the Clinique of face paint.

What kind of paint are you using?
Face paint isn't paint, it's technically a cosmetic makeup specifically for skin. Many amateurs use acrylic craft paint which is dangerous, harmful, peels, stains, and looks terrible once it dries. We use only FDA approved face / body paint for the skin because we are committed to the safety of our clients. These water based formulas are specifically designed to be hypo-allergenic, gentle and easy to remove with mild soap and water. The brands we use are TAG, FAB, Paradise, Wolfe Brothers, Silly Farm, and Kryolan. We use only skin / makeup grade poly glitters.
How far in advance do we have to book?
Halloween and 4th of July weekends are booked sometimes a year in advance. Winter is very slow. You should contact us the minute you have your date and time nailed down. Client that completes the contract first gets the booking.
Can we just get something small painted on the cheek so it's cheaper?
Depends on the "something small". Painting a small SpongeBob on someone's cheek takes double the time that a full face rainbow and swirls takes. We are fastest at painting the favorite menu items that we have painted every weekend for over a decade. Most of the paintings you see on our gallery page are done in 5 minutes. This is why experience matters - we have this down to a fine science so that you get fantastic quality and speed at an affordable price.
When I called, you said you were available, is that all I have to do?
No, because we get lots of price quote calls that may not book. In fairness, we have to book the client that completes the contract first. You must complete a contract to solidify your booking.
How much does a face painting party cost?
Check out our pricing and specials. Artist fees range between $70 and $110 per hour. Rates are based on duration, event requirements, artistic needs and location. There is a 1 hour minimum.
Can you paint my baby's face?
For your child's safety, we'd prefer not to paint the faces of kids under three years of age. Paintbrush bristles are joined to the wooden handle with thin sheet metal called the ferrule. Not ideal near the eyes of a wee wiggler. We're happy to paint a design on a little arm for kids under three. At that age, they like to be able to see it without a mirror anyway.
It's time for you to leave, but a bunch of extra kids showed up. Can you paint the for free and stay longer?
Overtime is charged in 30 minute increments. Sometimes this happens despite your best efforts. Please do a head count at the beginning of your party. Here are some options: Ask the artist if they can stay longer. If it looks like more than you planned, please discuss it with the artist. She may be able to arrange to stay longer, but if she can't, she may be able to go off our menu and paint some limited designs to get everyone's face painted.
My kid hates getting their face painted, but it's so cute! Can you do it anyway?
PLEASE don't make us! You are our customer and we want you to be happy, but the idea of forcing a child to get painted goes against what face painting is all about. We as parents tell our children to be leery of strangers and that's a good thing. Some apprehension is to be expected. We will first try to paint a design on the arm if there is an aversion to the face. Our policies support both smiles and safety. Face painting is supposed to be a fun experience - enjoyed by kids and parents alike.
How do I remove face paint?
Face paint is formulated for easy removal with mild bar soap and water and a wash cloth. Light colors come off with just a baby wipe. Some colors will linger. If this happens use a washcloth with soap and cold cream. Should the paint get on clothes, use OxyClean or stain pre-treater along with regular laundry soap. If the clothing is white, peroxide can be used as well.
My event is huge. How can I get the most faces painted for my money?
A line manager could really help things along. It is amazing how much time it takes for children to choose a design. Having a person to discuss designs with the child before they get in the chair will reduce the time greatly. Additionally, can you imagine waiting in line with your child only to be told they can't be painted because we have to leave? The other advantage to a line manager is ending the line. Guests cannot get in line at our end time. We do our best to prevent people from getting in line if there won't be time to paint them, but a line manager can be dedicated to that job while we are painting. Please ask us about a dedicated line manager, or you can provide one.
It's raining and I want to cancel my party. What do I do?
As stated on your contracts and invoices, we do not offer refunds for inclement weather so please secure an alternate indoor location for your event in advance. Unless I-25 is closed, we work rain or shine. If you need to cancel the event for some other reason, please do so within 48 hours or you will owe us the contracted amount. Should you need to reschedule your event, please do so at least 7 days prior and we will make every effort to meet your needs. If you have questions at any time, please email or call us at 719.499.5652.

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