Face Painting Services

We come to your event fully equipped to meet the needs unique to your party. Do you have a specific design in mind or a specific budget? Maybe your little one wants a room full of unicorns or super heroes - we will turn their imaginings into reality.

Don't get the idea we're just about sweet little princesses...we love embalmed, road-rashed, flesh-eating-zombies too! We can paint ANYTHING, and custom designs are FREE so let us know your theme when you book us.


Types of face painting designs

Most face designs fit into one of these 5 classifications. Need paint somewhere besides the face? See our other services and our gallery for more of our beautiful work!


How much time do I need to book?

We can paint 6 to 20 faces per hour depending on the design that's chosen. A good rule of thumb when estimating how much time you need is 5 minutes per face. The only caveat: if the first child in line asks for a very intricate design, others will follow suit and the 5 minute estimate is shot. Please book enough time so that we don't have to disappoint your guests. NEW - Check out our budget friendly option!

Please email or call us at 719.499.5652.