We at Zanypaint are absolutely committed to the safety of our clients. We have safety policies in place that protect you.



For your child's safety, we are reluctant to paint the faces of toddlers. Paintbrush bristles are held together with metal and wood and can be very sharp - especially the small brushes for fine line work. Not ideal near the eyes of a wee wiggler. It is safer to paint a design on a little arm for kids under 3.


Face Painting Products

We use only FDA approved face / body paint for the skin because we are committed to the safety of our clients. These water based formulas are specifically designed to be hypo-allergenic, gentle and easy to remove with mild soap and water. There are strict guidelines that the FDA requires for a product to be an approved cosmetic. The brands we use are Snazaroo, Paradise, Wolfe Brothers, Mehron and Kryolan. We use only skin / makeup grade poly glitters.

Unfortunately some painters aren't aware of the facts and are using acrylic paint. Many people are allergic to these polymers. Not to mention the obvious - this is not made for use on skin. It is made to remain color fast if sitting on a canvas exposed to sunlight for 30 years! If you spot a painter at a festival, or if you're planning on hiring a face painter, please inquire as to what kind of paint they are using before considering their services.


We care about the health of your skin

Have you ever wondered why liquid cosmetics such as gloss or foundation never mold...even after sitting in a drawer for years? Cosmetics contain antimicrobial preservatives. Cosmetic grade face paint inhibits the growth of microbes, while being gentle and safe. Our brushes and sponges are cleaned regularly with antibacterial soap. Your child has a greater chance of catching a virus while waiting in line than from having their face painted. Additionally at the artist's discretion, we won't paint skin with any kind of condition such as conjunctivitis, cuts, sunburn, rash, etc.

Anecdotal case in point: last week I misplaced a few sponges in my trolley after a gig. One had been dropped in water without paint, and the others were also wet but also contained face paint. When I located them a few days later, the one without paint was emitting mold and mildew stink, but the ones with paint were just dried up with no smell. This confirms what the paint manufacturers claim.

As far as allergies, if you have sensitive skin please request a patch test prior to being painted. Nobody has ever complained of a reaction. These products are the Clinique of face paint.



For your child's safety, under no circumstances will we supervise children. We are hyperfocused on our painting and are largely unaware of what is going on around us so please make sure a parent or guardian is around to keep an eye on your little ones.